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Toothache is the pain felt in and around the tooth possibly because of tooth decay, tooth fracture, a damaged filling, infected gums or repetitive motions as in teeth grinding or chewing gum. Tooth ache could also be the result of earache, injury to the jaw or mouth, sinusitis or even serious conditions such as heart attack. You need to seek medical advice if the pain lasts for more than 2 days or if you contract fever, have earache or toothache gets severe. Treatments vary depending on the cause of toothache and may include fillings, tooth extractions or root canal. Over the counter pain medications can be used to relieve the pain and you doctor might prescribe antibiotics in case of fever. Following good oral hygiene practices can prevent toothaches.

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Authored By Dr. Shylaja S Prasad - Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics, Bangalore

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