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Root Canal

“Root Canal: Is It Really Necessary? What You Must Know Before You Even Think Of Getting It Done!”

Have you experienced deep pain in your tooth that does not go away with medication? Have you been referred for a root canal therapy? Many people go in for the treatment without knowing the complete details of the procedure and end up wasting precious time and money.

Hi, my name is Dr. Prasad. I’m a dentist right here in Whitefield, Bangalore. I specialize in diagnosis and treatment of tooth pain. I hope this report will be useful in throwing light on root canal treatment and help you make the right decision.

root canal treatment in whitefield, bangalore, india 

“How Complicated Is a Root Canal?”

Millions of teeth are treated and saved using endodontic treatment. With the advancement of technology endodontic or Root Canal Treatment has become a routine treatment. But before jumping into a root canal treatment you should be prepared and know all about it.

“Who Should Perform A Root Canal?”

Endodontists specialize in treating problems related to the inside of the tooth. They have an additional three years advanced training after completing dental school. They are also capable of diagnosing any unidentified cause of oral or facial pain.

What Exactly is a Root Canal or Endodontic Treatment?

Endodontics are related to the inside of the tooth. The tooth is composed of an outer layer called enamel (visible white part). Below it lies the hard layer called dentin followed by a soft tissue called the pulp which contains nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue that extend from the Crown (tooth top) to the root tips. Once the tooth is fully grown, it can stay healthy even without the pulp. Root Canal treatment is done when the pulp becomes inflamed or infected leading to tooth pain. During this treatment the infected or inflamed pulp is removed and the insides of the tooth is cleaned and sealed. The tooth is restored using a crown or filling. Now the tooth has its natural appearance and can function normally.

“When is a Root Canal Absolutely Mandatory?”

A root canal treatment may become mandatory if your teeth is severely infected or inflamed. This could be caused by a crack/chip or an injury or tooth decay or repeated dental procedures on the tooth.

  • A crack or a chip in the tooth
  • Tooth injury without any visible signs
  • Deep decay
  • Repeated dental procedures on the tooth.

The 5 Signs That An Endodontic or Root Canal Procedure Is Necessary”

Here are some of the symptoms that make root canal treatment mandatory
1. Pain
2. Tenderness while chewing or touching
3. Prolonged sensitivity to cold and hot foods or drinks
4. Tooth Discoloration
5. Swelling and/or drainage and/or tenderness in the lymph nodes and the bone
Though these symptoms may indicate that a root canal treatment is necessary, only your dentist has the final word

Can a root canal rescue your natural tooth?

In most cases, it can. It involves removal of the infected pulp and cleaning the insides of the teeth. The teeth are then sealed and a crown or a filling is used to restore the teeth. After this point, you can use and maintain it as any other tooth once more.

“Does a Root Canal Really Hurt?”

Root canals are performed to relieve you of pain, not to cause pain. With the advancement of technology and modern techniques the entire process has become quite comfortable.
Your tooth will feel sensitive for some time after the procedure. This can be eased by using pain medications and would subside over time.

If severe pressure or pain is felt then it is necessary to contact your endodontist at the earliest.

“How do I know if I Really Need a Root Canal?”

As I mentioned before, I specialize in endodontic procedures especially in the prevention, treatment, and reversal of the problems that cause the need for a root canal.
Before deciding on whether to go for a root canal treatment, I suggest you come in for a Endodontic & Dental Consultation.

Root Canal Therapy can change your life for the better making your teeth last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.

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