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5 Biggest Mistakes in Cosmetic Dentist

Are you happy with your smile? Do you feel good about the way you use your smile to communicate with people? Your smile expresses your personality. You can improve the aesthetic value of your smile by getting some Cosmetic Dentistry done. With the increasing number of cosmetic dentists around you may find it difficult to find one who meets your expectations and provides you with the dream smile. Not all of them would be qualified and have an aesthetic eye to enhance your smile. If you want to get accurate results that you expect it is very important that you choose your cosmetic dentist after doing a bit of research. Let me discuss how to avoid some of the mistakes which people often make while choosing a cosmetic dentist.

  • Don’t settle for shoddy behavior. Your dentist should be Patient Centered – During your initial visits and consultations make sure that your dentist and their staff treats you well and make you feel comfortable. Remember that you are the customer and do not have to put up with rude manners or cold behavior from the dentist or their staff or made to wait for long hours in their office unnecessarily. Also make sure that the dentist’s office conveys positivity. Make sure your are comfortable in the clinic atmosphere.
  • Don’t blindly select a cosmetic dentist without doing homework. Positive Patient Testimonials and Success Stories- Patient testimonials and reviews give a great deal of information on the quality of service provided by the dentist. Most of this information would be available to you on the Internet or on social media sites. It might also contain success stories and reviews from previous patients. A good dentist would be happy to show off ‘before and after’ photos of their clients which help us determine the aesthetic skills of the dentist and make sure we like the style and quality of their work.
  • Make sure that to check the Expertise –You need to make sure that your cosmetic dentist has specific training and expertise in cosmetic procedures along with general dentistry. Cross check if your dentist is a member of the IACD or Indian Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry which is committed to advanced levels of education in the area of cosmetic dentistry. Going through the websites of these dentists may also lists the awards earned and the organizations to which they belong. You might also ask if they are committed to continual education as use latest technologies like dental lasers, CAD/CAM restorations, dental sedation etc.
  • Gather all the facts – You need to be sure that your cosmetic dentist explains all the options to you prior to making a decision. Some cosmetic dentists may try to lure you into doing an expensive treatment simply to fatten their pockets when there are cheaper options available. So it is very important to ask questions such that the cosmetic dentist may provide you with the best possible solutions. It is not always necessary that the best treatments are the most expensive. There are a lot of cosmetic dentists who put the best needs of their patient first rather than recommending an expensive treatment which is not at all required. These should be the ones you should be looking for.
  • Don’t go for Deep Discounts- Make sure that you don’t choose a ‘deep discount’ dentist. One who provides services at extremely low rates or provides extraordinary discounts when compared to others may not be doing well and needs your business badly. So before settling for such cosmetic dentists ask them why their services are priced so low. You may be compromising on the quality of the treatment when you choose such dentists. In such cases, get references from people you know. 

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Authored By Dr. Shylaja S Prasad - Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics, Bangalore

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