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Dental Implants Surgery

Discover the only permanent solution to repair tooth loss

Have you lost a tooth/ teeth due to teeth decay, injury or some other cause? Do you feel uneasy when you smile revealing the gaps in your teeth? Do you have difficulty chewing food? Are you tired of wearing dentures, crowns or traditional bridges which require maintenance?

I have some wonderful news for you! Dental Implants are just the right solution for you. Not just filling gaps between your teeth, it can also create a permanent, natural looking smile by fixing lost teeth. It is extremely durable and requires almost no maintenance.

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Now you must be thinking whether dental implants surgery would be the right choice for you. Here, I would like to provide you with all the information you need about dental implants. Please take a moment to read this report which list some of the FAQs people ask about dental implants.


It is the only truly permanent solution for tooth loss according to most dentists. In this procedure an artificial tooth is fixed to the jawbone directly using a titanium screw. It does not need support from the surrounding teeth unlike other conventional methods. As such dental implants are extremely stable.

Denture wearers, here’s some great news for you!

Most of you must be sick of wearing dentures that require maintenance regularly as they move out of place and require regular visits to the Dentist. Dentures also require removal for cleaning. Now you can get rid of your dentures and get dental implants surgery done by a professional Dentist. They last for a lifetime and the only maintenance that you need to do is regular Brushing and Flossing as you would to your natural teeth.

You can decide if dental implants surgery are right for you by getting a consultation with me. Take a moment to fill the form below and get a chance to get a appointment. I would be happy to listen to you and answer any question you may have.

During the consultation session, we discuss your case and find out if you are the right candidate for dental implants surgery. If you decide to go for dental implants then we can fix your initial ‘prep’ session. The entire procedure of dental implants would be detailed out which helps you overcome your apprehensions and fear of the process. You can see a well trained, experienced dentist for who can explain you EVERYTHING about the process. Simply fill out the form below to fix a consultation with me. On submitting the information

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Dr. Prasad.

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