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Are Crooked Teeth Weighing Your Confidence Down? - Lingual Braces Are Here For Your Help

Are Crooked Teeth Weighing Your Confidence Down? - Lingual Braces Are Here For Your Help

Posted On 21/12/2018

Not having well-aligned teeth is equally less appealing to missing a tooth. People around the globe are up for dental braces these days although wearing them is itself a task. Placing metal braces on the front of the teeth is very much inconvenient for some as the physical appearance can be a question. There are dental braces such as ceramic braces, traditional braces, clear and removable aligners, lingual braces etc. The ultimate function of every brace is almost the same while choosing them with the recommendation of the Orthodontist is solely based on the patient’s interest. As everyone is so much concerned about the outward look, the demand for lingual braces is pretty higher. Dr. Shylaja S. Prasad specialized in conservative Dentistry and Endodontics of Dental Works- dental clinic in Whitefield- extends her hand towards orthodontic treatment. The popularity of Dental Works grows day by day as its patients are very much satisfied with the treatment procedures of orthodontic braces in Whitefield.

What is Lingual Orthodontics?

The metal braces are set just inside the mouth apart from the traditional method. Thus, they are quite hidden from the spectators. One’s inferiority complex of wearing braces can be reduced to a certain extent as these braces are very much invisible. There are not many lingual orthodontic consultants in Whitefield. Only a few dental clinics like Dental Works offers lingual and ceramic dental braces in Whitefield. Lingual braces are customized in such a way that they fit into the patient’s mouth aptly. Of course, the cost of them is higher than the traditional braces.

Why Choose Lingual Braces over other Types of Braces?

The time taken for the orthodontic treatment using lingual braces is comparatively lesser than other braces. As lingual braces are worn on the back of teeth, the results of the treatment are clearly visible, unlike traditional metal braces. In foil to conventional orthodontics, of course, lingual braces are aesthetically appealing too.

Advantages of wearing Lingual Braces

  • They can be worn by the people irrespective of the age.
  • As they are positioned right at the back part of the teeth, the consciousness of wearing braces can be easily avoided.
  • The white marks and discoloration generated as a result of wearing braces are quite absent if lingual braces are worn.
  • The patient’s natural smile can be retained throughout the treatment process as the braces are invisible.
  • All complex movements of the teeth are effectively treated through lingual braces.

High quality and absolutely brilliant dental services are given away to the patients at Dental Works Clinic. Would you like to get your teeth braces done in Whitefield? Come to Dental Works Clinic and take home an aesthetic smile.

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