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Importance Of Root Canal Therapy

Importance Of Root Canal Therapy

Posted On 06/11/2018

Are you going through extreme shrill pain in your teeth? This isn’t something you should just ignore. It means you need immediate dental care. If the tooth is left untreated it can even lead to tooth loss. So don’t delay... Get the best dental treatments from Dental Works Clinic. Root canal therapy may be a solution for this nagging tooth pain.


Root Canal treatment is a process in which the dentist removes tooth pulp that is present in the centre of the tooth. Tooth decay, infection or trauma can cause damage to the dental pulp. This damaged dental pulp removes, cleans, disinfects and shapes root canal.

The tooth pulp is a thin tissue present in the centre of the tooth. After the cavity is cleaned, it is sealed with a rubber-like material that stays there permanently. Then a filling or artificial crown is used for protecting the treated part from further decay. This therapy is a permanent solution for your decayed tooth. In case if your tooth gets too much affected, the upper part of the tooth is to be removed. In such a case an artificial tooth is implanted above the roots of the original tooth to make it look natural.

Benefits of root canal treatment

Following are the chief benefits of root canal treatment:

  • Root canal treatment is a long lasting option.
  • The artificial crowns that are implanted, gives a natural look and are long lasting too. In this process, the actual tooth is not extracted from the roots, which is a good thing.
  • With 3 to 4 sessions you are done with your treatment.
  • Restores your ability to bite & chew properly.
  • It has a high success rate.
  • It does not have any side effects.

Whom should you consult and why?

Dental works Clinic is offering the best root canal treatment in Whitefield. Here we provide customized dental plans according to the preference of the patient. The most important thing is we provide dental care packages at a very reasonable price. You can get all types of dental treatments from Dental Works Dental Clinic. Take an appointment with the best dental specialist in Whitefield for a pain-free life.

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