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The Key To A Confident Smile – Esthetic And Composite Fillings

The Key To A Confident Smile – Esthetic And Composite Fillings

Posted On May 27,2018

Are you refrained from having the food of your choice due to toothache? Summers closing in, do you prefer to stay away from your favorite soft drinks and ice creams or enjoy it? Here's the solution to your issues. Fillings. The most popular fillings being esthetic and composite fillings. Below is a brief but detailed description of these fillings.

What are esthetic fillings?

Esthetic fillings assist in directly restoring damaged tooth tissues, adjusting the tooth shape, colour, transparency, depth and minor malpositions. Such a filling preserves almost all the hard tissues of the tooth. In esthetic filling every internal particle is restored layer by layer. Through this kind of direct restoration facilitates the access and restoration of the typical characteristics of natural teeth for a longer period of time as it contains materials that simulate the synthesis of dentin and enamel. Each of the material has diverse optical properties that are specific to the tissues of the teeth.

Esthetic reconditioning with helium fillings, needs the correct cavity preparation and appropriate stratification method. It uses materials with specific optical properties, and also it’s finishing and polishing, to give the characteristic of the natural tooth surface.

What are composite fillings?

There are various other fillings other than the esthetic filling, one such being the composite filling. They are plastic and glass mixture that helps in restoration of decayed tooth and improving the aesthetics. You can get a better smile through these fillings as it gives a colour that matched the natural tooth colour. They are also used to reshape and repair broken or chipped teeth to ensure a natural looking set of teeth. Though composite fillings give that natural colour, not all tooth defects can be improved by composite filling.

Before opting for any kind of treatment, do approach your dentist for the right advises. He will recommend the perfect treatment for your teeth. Are you planning to get your tooth fixed? Are you looking for efficient and reliable dental clinic? Do visit Dental Works, popularly known as the best dental clinic in Bangalore. This clinic provides the best dental gap filling in India and the best tooth colored fillings in Bangalore.

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