Dental Implants in Bangalore

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Installing dental implants is one of the most commonly provided services in the field of maxillofacial surgery in our modern dental clinic in Bangalore. Modern dental implants in many cases make it possible to abandon the dentures and dental bridges.

Dental implants
Dental implants consist of biological harmless titanium (ceramics). The screws, which act as roots of teeth are established where previously were the roots of the native tooth.
On the set implants can also be reliably fix dentures, bridges and crowns. The implants can be used to replace one or more teeth and to restore the functionality of the whole jaw. Compared with conventional dental bridges, implants have a unique advantage: during their installation is made of natural grinding of adjacent teeth as when installing bridges.

Before deciding on the most suitable implant system should be carried out X-ray diagnostics, as well as simulations that show the suitability of implants to the patient, or you can get dentures. In some cases carried out before the implantation of bone buildup that can reliably establish implant.

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Implantology is an integral part of modern dentistry. In our modern operating there are all conditions for carrying out such procedures as implantation.

Features a dental implant

1 : Substitution of one or more teeth with a solid implant.
2 : Replacement of several teeth in a row by a dental bridge, but without grinding the        adjacent teeth.
3 : Replacement of all teeth by means of fixed or removable dentures.
4 : To improve the fixation of prostheses.

Regular oral hygiene

The implants do not cause tooth decay or periodontists. But in spite of this you need to take care of them as for real teeth. The implant from the mucosa is exposed to the bacteria, which can cause inflammation in the dental pockets (periimplantitis).
Regular maintenance of dental implants makes it possible to avoid inflammation.
Inflammation dental pocket leads to loosening of the bone tissue, whereby the implant falls.
Therefore it is necessary to comply with the regular hygiene measures. Twice a year, should be conducted in a professional dental cleaning to remove any possible contamination.

Dental consultation on implantation in Bangalore

We offer you a part time to visit our clinic where in a cozy atmosphere, you can get detailed information about the implant, as well as the answers to all your questions. We provide advice on all matters relating to the implantation of the following times. We are always glad to see you here!

Root Canal Treatment In Bangalore

Despite much tossing and turning, you couldn’t sleep- the pain kept you awake. Get rid of all these nightmares, Root canal technology has come a long way in making the process easy and virtually painless. This treatment can provide a permanent solution to the extreme discomfort that an affected tooth can bring.


A root canal is needed in cases when the nerve or a pulp of a teeth is damaged. When this occurs, there is a high risk of penetrating bacteria into the inner parts of the teeth. Pus is part of an infection and the tooth becomes abscessed; an abscessed tooth can create a very painful dental issues. The root canal procedure stop the infection and save the teeth from being extracted.

When our pulp tissues are infected or inflammed, we recommend root canal treatment. It helps you to remove the pulp tissue,thus protecting the damaged tooth as well as adjacent areas.

Root Canal Treatment in Bangalore

Dental Works Clinic in Bangalore is one of the famous clinic which provides high quality and Effective Root Canal Treatment in Whitefield.

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Dental Implants in Whitefield

Implant Dentistry : An Overview

Dental Implants are artificial teeth root planted or set into your jaw for holding a substitution tooth. Dental implants are better option for the individuals who have lost their teeth because of an injury or due to periodontal disease or becuase of some other reasons. Implant Dentistry Deals with the fixing of dental implants and its associated procedures.

Dental Implants in Whitefield

Types of Dental Implants :

The main two types of dental implants are

  1. Subperiosteal.
  2. Endosteal.

Subperiosteal Dental Implants – Subperiosteal Dental Implants are also called as “on the bone” dental implants. As the name indicates, it is placed on the top of the jaw. The prosthetic teeth which has to be fixed is holded by the metal framework which protrudes through the gum from the jaw. Subperiosteal implants are mainly used for the patients with less bone height.
Endosteal Dental Implants – Endosteal Dental Implants are the most commonly used dental implants. These implants require surgical procedures since this implants are surgically placed inside the jaw bone. So that this implants are also called as “in the bone” dental implants.

Implant Dentistry in Bangalore

Dental Works Clinic in Bangalore is one of the famous clinic which provides high quality and Effective Dental Implants in Whitefield.
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Smile Makeover in Whitefield

Smile Makeover improves the beauty of ones smile through some cosmetic dental procedures like dental veneers, tooth implants, composite bonding and teeth whitening.

Smile Makeover in Bangalore

Dental Works Clinic in Bangalore is famous for its Cosmetic Dentistry in Whitefield.There are various things taken in consideration while doing a smile makeover. This considerations includes hair color, lip shape and color, ones appearence, gum tissues etc..

There are several procedures or methods for better smile.

Teeth Missing :
Teeth Missing will effect the beauty of smile. We can make a change to this by using dental implants or dentures.

Gummy Smile :
Re-contouring of gummy smile can improve the beauty of smile.

Cracked or Chipped Teeth :
If a person has cracked or chipped teeth, then cosmetic bonding should be done to improve the smile.

Colorless Tooth :
Dark colored tooth will results in an aged smile. Tooth whitening is done to get a beautiful, white and youthful smile.

Alignment and Spacing :
The overlapped or tooth with gaps are aligned and straightened by using braces and further improved by veneers.

Other Improvements :
Other Improvement of smile by improving the structure of face, lips or cheeks can be done by using Maxilofacial Surgery.

Cosmetic Dentistry in whitefield